1. Say It

From the recording Honey & Knives


Say it once so I can hear it
Say it twice and then I’ll know
Say it louder so I feel it
And again before you go

Sure it buzzes in your kisses
And I taste it on your skin
But the words they make it different
Both my heart and pride cave in

We’re swinging swift on delicate vines
And I’m scared of you
But they tell me that’s alright
With your words, I’ll be fine

So you swing a little closer
So you can sing it in my ear
I’ve been waiting so long now
For a thing like this to fear

We’re tracing tracks on unintelligible lines
And I see you’re scared
But they tell me that’s alright
We’ll let our love make words tonight

It’s palpable that you love me
I need to feel it shake the air
It’s gotta be there when you breathe
And I need to scream to the skies
That you love your girl
More than silence can describe